April 13, 2020

Review All U.S. State Actions In Face Of COVID-19

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC) has developed a new Essential Workforce Tracker for monitoring state orders impacting critical infrastructure and critical functions. Thomas has a list of U.S. shutdown orders here.

As Politico reports, the USCC also is arguing that local, state, and national governments should agree on a uniform approach for identifying which workers should report to their jobs and which should stay home during the coronavirus pandemic. In a statement, USCC officials said, “The lack of clarity on essential workers and functions at both the state level and across the globe is impeding efforts to respond to this crisis.”

It also is imperative that metals service centers engage with their local and state officials. The National Association of Manufacturers has provided a list of instructions offering advice for how to communicate with them about this issue. If companies use the templates and instructions provided here, they should alter them to reflect their individual operations. Now, more than ever, it is important that our community of companies speaks with a nonpartisan and unified voice to our elected officials and policymakers.

Thomas also is tracking all state aid programs available to small businesses. Click here to review.