September 11, 2023

United States Continues Penalties On Aluminum Foil From China

On Sept. 8, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) announced it had determined that revoking existing antidumping and countervailing duty orders on aluminum foil from China would lead to continuation or recurrence of material injury within a reasonably foreseeable time.

The ITC’s vote was unanimous. As a result of the decision, existing orders on imports of this product from China will remain in place.

The ITC’s review was required under the five-year sunset review process set out by the Uruguay Round Agreements Act. The ITC’s public report on aluminum foil from China will contain the views of the commission and information developed during the reviews. That report will be available by Oct. 20, 2023 at this link.

As reported at the time, MSCI supported the Aluminum Association’s antidumping and countervailing duty petition regarding imports of certain aluminum foil from China. That petition eventually led to the penalties that have been in place the last five years.

“The Metals Service Center Institute and its members applaud the Aluminum Association’s decision to pursue relief for domestic producers facing increasing volumes of low-priced imports of aluminum foil from China,” MSCI President and CEO Bob Weidner said in 2017. “This petition sets an important precedent for attaining the goal of fair and free trade for the entire industrial metals supply chain. As the Aluminum Association has argued, this case is a vital step in addressing Chinese overcapacity.”

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