March 13, 2023

White House Releases 2023 Trade Policy Agenda

The Office of the United States Trade Representative has released the Biden administration’s 2023 Trade Policy Agenda and 2022 Annual Report, which outlines the Biden administration’s trade policy agenda priorities.

Those priorities include:

  • Focusing on the enforcement of existing U.S. trade agreements, with a particular focus on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement rapid response labor mechanism, the consultation processes on Mexico’s energy and environmental measures, and the U.S. request for a dispute settlement panel under USMCA on Canada’s dairy tariff-rate quota.
  • Enhancing U.S. engagement with key trading partners by prioritizing the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework and the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity, as well as rebuilding relationships with partners through other initiatives with the European Union, Kenya, India, Taiwan, and Japan, as well as existing free trade agreements with Korea and Singapore;
  • Enhancing U.S. engagement in multilateral institutions by leading and partnering on a reform agenda at the World Trade Organization, hosting the 2023 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and pursuing initiatives at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that support U.S. economic interests;
  • Realigning the U.S.-China Trade relationship by ensuring fair competition with China, engaging with partners and allies on China-related challenges and using economic tools to defend U.S. interests;
  • Combating climate change and promoting sustainable environmental practices while pursuing trade policies that can provide higher levels of environmental protection from U.S. trading partners; and
  • Engaging and coordinating with U.S. trading partners to develop solutions that advance supply chain resilience in critical areas such as semiconductors, large capacity batteries, critical minerals and materials, pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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