April 13, 2021

Why It’s Time To Write A Legal Strategy Playbook

The legal landscape for all companies, including those in the industrial metals sector, has become increasingly complex over the last several decades.

For every $1 billion in revenue, it is estimated companies spend $1.5 million on litigation costs. In 2019 alone, more than 130 new federal laws went into effect — and that was before the COVID-19 pandemic challenged the economy, millions of contractual obligations, and the way companies do business.

Executives, managers, and every department from sales to human resources needs to have an awareness of and appreciation for contract law, intellectual property, torts, antitrust, and product liability.

That is why MSCI is launching a new, exclusive educational offering, “Legal Strategy for Business.” Over the course of eight weeks, participants will develop the legal literacy they need to grasp the fundamental principles of U.S. business law and the expertise necessary to interpret and navigate various legal regulations.

Participants will explore topics such as employer liability and tort law, the fundamentals of contract law, and antitrust and competition law. They will develop a strategic approach to intellectual property, review various legal business structures, and assess what constitutes good corporate governance.

MSCI general counsel R. Mark McCareins will lead the course.

McCareins says “Legal Strategy for Business” will help participants think more offensively and to create a legal playbook that will save their company money and sweat equity down the road.

“The cost of litigation quickly adds up, and most companies have at least one story to tell to prove it,” says McCareins. “Hiring outside consultants to handle the discovery process alone is a significant expense. Our goal in this course is to teach you and your team how to avoid these burdens by being smarter and savvier from the outset.”

The subject matter of this course is dense, but McCareins will break the content up into a compact, easily digestible format that will include interactive lessons, video, and infographics. Participants will not need a legal background to understand this course.

McCareins says the legal landscape will only get more complex in the coming years, especially when it comes to corporate governance and product liability.

“A lot of businesses are trying to figure things out on their own,” says McCareins. “The landscape is moving too swiftly for that to be a sound strategy. Your team needs to be trained to spot risk as they come along. This course will offer those tools.”

A nationally-recognized expert in antitrust and competition matters, McCareins is a clinical professor of business law at Kellogg School of Management. He received the Student Impact Award for his teaching of business law and has authored or edited more than 40 articles or books on antitrust, competition, and intellectual property matters.

McCareins was a senior partner in the international law firm of Winston and Strawn LLP for 33 years, serving as the co-chair of the firm’s global competition practice before retiring in 2014.

Who should attend “Legal Strategy for Business”? McCareins recommends this exclusive course for owners, managers, and anyone who requires a fundamental understanding of U.S. business law, including executives and any professional looking to grow in their current role.

Registration for this course closes Friday, April 16. Register now.