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September 13, 2017| by Dianna Smoljan

Safety: An Ongoing Process

Key takeaways from metals industry safety professionals

Working toward zero injuries is an achievable goal—but it takes teamwork and an attitude of continuous learning. MSCI is committed to helping organizations in the metals industry improve their safety program by providing a variety […] Read More

September 6, 2017| by Julie Cram

Your Voice Matters

5 ways you can make a difference in Washington

Chinese steel and aluminum overcapacity. Tax reform. Infrastructure spending. The debt ceiling. NAFTA. Health insurance. Energy and labor regulations. Immigration. All issues Congress and the White House will debate soon, but your opinions on these […] Read More

September 6, 2017

Where Is All the Metal Going?

MSCI investigates the decline in service center steel and aluminum shipments.

MSCI recently completed a preliminary study of the sluggish recovery in service center metals shipments, with findings summarized in the white paper “Permanent or Temporary?”. Here we summarized key insights!  

August 30, 2017| by Dianna Smoljan

The Goal: Zero Incidents

Peer to peer learning and collaboration help

  Safety is—and should be—a top priority at every company.  A recent safety survey by MSCI shows that the industry’s safety efforts are trending to the positive. Incidents have decreased drastically over time, from 10 […] Read More

August 30, 2017| by Steve Yates, founder and president of Optimum Safety Management

The Team Approach to Safety:

What it is and why it’s important

Improving safety and lowering incident rates is an important goal for every company to have.  Safety industry expert Steve Yates, president of Optimum Safety Management and a safety partner with MSCI, explains what the team […] Read More