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September 27, 2017| by Steve Lawrence

Time for a Wake-Up Call

Global threats and the right people to meet them

If you are looking for both reassurance and hard-nosed caution about this country’s abilities to meet the multiple, fast moving, and dangerous global challenges ahead, you’ve got to listen to retired U.S Marine four star […] Read More

September 27, 2017| by Steve Lawrence

Industry Bright Spots

Optimistic execs point to high tech business solutions, quality recruiting, and a steady economy

This year’s Economic Summit executive panel was optimistic not only about the economy, but also because of the tech and human resources strategies they are developing. They do see steady strength in the economy, but […] Read More

September 20, 2017| by Drew Page, CHST, Director of Operations, Optimum Safety

OSHA Recordkeeping:

How much do you know – and are you up to date?

Staying abreast of OSHA recordkeeping requirements can be daunting—but imperative, not only to meet standards but to track what’s happening in the organization and work toward continuous improvement.  To help MSCI members, safety expert Drew […] Read More